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Freelin Wade Freelin Wade is a leading manufacturer of quality plastic tubing products. Products include tubing made from Polyurethane, Nylon 11, Low Density Polyethylene, PVC and PVDF. Other products include custom tube bundles, multi-bore tubing, static dissipative tubing, jacketed tubing, multi-color ribbon tubing and coiled tubing. Custom colors and sizes are available.
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Jacketed Tubing Bundles
Freelin-Wade's PVC tubing Jacketed Tubing and Bundles are an excellent way to color code a pneumatic system in a neat flexible package. Ten colors of Fre-Thane® 85A Polyurethane tubing are jacketed with a clear flexible PVC. Two popular sizes are available. Save time over spiral wrapping or tie wrapping your flexible tubing with this jacketed bundling method. Ask about our variety of variation possibilities. These include bundling wire, different tube sizes, tube materials, colors and coiling. Datasheet