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Saint-Gobain - Microelectronics Group Saint-Gobain - Microelectronics Group is a world leader in engineered high performance plastics and a leading supplier of high purity fluoropolymer-based fluid handling components and systems for the semiconductor market. Brand names product lines like FuronŽ and AstiPure" include pumps, valves, fittings, integrated manifolds and high-purity tubing. Many of these products are industry standards due to their reputation for purity, quality and performance.
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UPM 1000 Diaphragm Valves - Pneumatically Actuated - 2 Way
The FuronŽ UPM Series Valves are available with visual position indicators, permitting easy identification of open and closed positions. Designed for transfer of highly aggressive ultrapure chemicals and de-ionized water, the UPM series is ideal for applications that demand high-pressure capabilities and a high Cv flow factor. The UPM Slurry Valve is designed and tested specifically for aggressive slurry applications and is offered in 2 and 3-way configurations. Datasheet