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FutureStar FutureStar is a leading manufacturer of Teflon flow control and monitoring products including flowmeters, level sensors, metering valves and flow switches. FutureStar Teflon fow meters feature a patented design with no metals and are capable of flows up to 20 gpm. All flow meters are available with an integral metering valve for precise and repeatable flows. Connection sizes from 1/4" through 1".
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i-flow Flow Controller
The i-flowTMseries integrated flow control is designed as an all in one closed loop flow control system. Fast, repeatable and accurate flow control in a compact package. The i-flowTM is ideal for blending, dispensing or metering of DI water and aggressive aqueous media. Using dual diaphragms and PTFE, TFM and PFA materials of construction, the i-flowTM provides protection for ultra pure process applications. Flow ranges: .4-4 l/min., 2-20 l/min. in H20 Datasheet