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SVF Flow Controls SVF Flow Controls is a leading manufacturer of ball valves, actuators and controls for all industrial applications. Our product line includes industrial valves, high purity valves, custom valves, control valves and actuators. Our valves are available in regular or full port designs as well as custom multi-port designs.
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CleanFLOW High Purity Ball Valves
CleanFLOW ball valves are engineered to be a true process piping component to specifically meet the demanding processes found in the pharmaceutical, biotech, semiconductor, cosmetics, foods and other industries where particle generation and contamination can threaten the outcome of the product. The port opening of the valves flow path is dimensionally identical to the adjacent tubing. This Tube-ID feature provides predictable flow rates and pressure drops and ensures thorough cleaning and full drainability as mandated by ASME/BPE. Datasheet