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Process Technology / Lufran Process Technology / Lufran provides high purity products for wet process manufacturing applications include: fluoropolymer and quartz UPDI water heaters, inline chemical heaters, solvent heaters, nitrogen heaters, constant temperature baths, electric immersion heaters, inline heat exchangers, and high temperature filter chambers.
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H2OT SHOT In-Line Quartz Ultrapure Chemical Heaters
The Process Technology quartz IR heater utilizes only high-purity quartz wetted surfaces to ensure no process contamination. IR heating lamps provide responsive heating. With an all-quartz construction, a wide range of SC-1 and SC-2 fluids can be heated including hydrochloric-peroxide, ammonium-peroxide, sulfuric-peroxide, phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid and ultrapure deionized water. A sealed, all fluoropolymer (PTFE) containment housing provides a corrosion-proof, maintenance-free installation and secondary containment. The housing vent connection permits excess heat to be directed out of the wet bench. Over temperature protection, GFP, SEMI S2 safety guidelines and optional leak detection ensures efficient, safe heater operation. Combine all of these features in a package occupying less than a 12 inch by 12 inch by 24 inch cube, and you have the ideal heater for your wet process tool or other point-of-use ultrapure heater application. Datasheet