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L J Star L J Star manufactures an extensive line of process observation equipment -- sight glasses, lights, sanitary fittings, and level gage instrumentation. Product lines include Metaglas® Safety Sight Windows, Lumiglas® Explosion Proof Lights and Cameras, Visual Flow Indicators, Sight Ports, Sanitary Clamps, Magnetic Level Gages and Gage Glass.
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Lumiglas® Models USL 33 and USL 35 Luminaires
Pressurized tanks, pipelines, mixers and other sanitary vessels are brightly illuminated by Lumiglas® Models USL 33 and USL 35 luminaires. These compact units mount directly onto virtually any vessel or pipeline to provide up to 100 watts of intense glare-free light through a Metaglas® safety glass lens. These units are rated for use in all non-hazardous areas. Lights are available with an optional internal or remote switch for momentary on/off or timer activation to maximize bulb life. This design incorporates the proven MetaClamp® sanitary mounting system with its Metaglas safety glass lens into a flush, compact unit that is equally well adapted to illuminating the interior of new or existing sanitary processing equipment. Metaglas MetaClamp sanitary safety glass lenses are the strongest and most secure glass elements available. Datasheet