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Saint-Gobain - BioPharm Group Saint-Gobain - BioPharm Group serves the growing needs of the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, animal health, consumer health, and OEM markets. We offer a complete line of sanitary processing systems including hose, fittings, tubing, valves, process vessels and related components. Brand name products include Tygon, Sani-Tech, PureFit, Flexible Components, Pharmed, and C-Flex.
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Pure-Fit SIB
Pure-FitŪ SIBŪ is a smooth inner bore (SIB) hose-barb connector that provides a seamless transition between tubing and fittings throughout the fluid path. Pure-Fit SIB eliminates entrapment and leak points that can occur with traditional assembly systems. The unique internal design eliminates voids or dead space that can lead to turbulence or stagnation of fluid flow creating the potential for bacterial growth. Datasheet