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Parker - Advanced Filtration Parker - Advanced Filtration product line includes membrane, pleated and bonded filters and a large assortment of standard and custom designed filter vessels. With a wide range materials and micron ratings from .02 to 840 micron and up to 99.99% efficiencies, Parker Advanced Filtration is able to offer you the most economical liquid filtration solution.
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Fluoroflow-XL Filters
The Fluoroflow-XL is setting the new standard for exceptional flow rates and on-stream life. Its larger diameter design combined with our unique SELECT pleating increases filtration area and flow rates by over 70%. This results in increased bath turnover and longer filter lifetime demanded by today's advanced 300mm fabs. The all-fluoropolymer construction provides excellent chemical resistance for the most aggressive applications. Available wet-packed for quick installation or Ultraclean wetpacked that offers the lowest metals extractables in the industry. Datasheet