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Process Technology proudly presents the TytanTM Instantaneous DI Water Heater

Process Technology's newly expanded product line now includes the Lufran® TytanTM Instantaneous DI Water Heater. Its tough design accommodates normal fluctuations in flow and temperature settings, all without compromising heating element integrity. Available in standard designs or custom configurations, the TytanTM provides the best in compact DI water heating for changing process demands.

The TytanTM features all wetted surfaces in fluoropolymer and titanium. Simple "plug and play" installation includes complete built-in safety systems and prewired thermal sensors. It is UL listed up to 144 kW. It has low watt density elements which increase element life and reduce maintenance costs.

Pricing is extremely competitive compared with other similarly equipped heating units, making the TytanTM the best choice in its field. Contact Meacon Corporation for more information on this state-of-the-art system.